Tehran Art Circle is honored to showcase “The Pretends” collection with five monoprint pieces named: Her, Shining, End Game, Emancipation, and The Show at the “Delavar” exhibition at Free Market Art. Collection Statement: Hours before the headsmen arrived; Streets, empty from shouts; Shouts that were laughter for years saluting with captivated hands. These days those happy memories were the tear in their eyes; breaking the image of a the 300 year old goblet. Suddenly, the half naked women, within all those paintings arose. No goblet in their hands, wine poured all over their clothes, passed out drunk on the street… Perhaps drunk for eternity… Drunk For Woman life freedom info: Miniature is a delicate and ancient method of painting with over 700 years of history. Some of the most unique and complex miniature paintings are from the 17th century. In Persian culture, Miniature is not only widely used in ancient architecture and murals, but also poetry and passage illustrations. These ancient illustrations along with the poetry, show us the perception of “love”, “life”, and “battle” in the history of Iran. With “The Pretends” collection; I highlight the paradox between “Woman, life, freedom” revolution throughout history. The paradox between traditional women roles and the modern Iranian woman… the paradox between traditional way of life in Iran and the modern society of our time… the paradox between the very definition of freedom in ancient Iran and what people are fighting to achieve in the modern society.