In the name of these days Mahsa Amini’s One Year Memorial Feet that didn’t know how to run Eyes that shouldn’t have seen A heart that couldn’t rebel Always Shout that wouldn’t silence Tehran Art Circle . Avvoso----------- Fahimeh Hakimtandish, an artist and photographer, shared her thoughts on this piece: "This composition serves as a condensed chronicle of events since the day Mehsa Amini was arrested and killed. Created by Tehran Art Circle in collaboration with journalists, this commemorative artwork simultaneously graced more than 10 cities during the anniversary. It amplified the voice of protest from the people of Iran. The artist's intention was not just to create art but to be the very voice of the protesters. These compositions will undoubtedly come together again in the future, with a purpose beyond merely conveying the people's voices to politicians and officials. The meticulously curated news items within this composition, thanks to Tehran Art Circle's dedicated research and communications team, encompass headlines from both domestic and international media, along with significant events from the past year. People are encouraged to add more news alongside these compositions." Mehran Abbassian, a reporter for Iran International, added his perspective: "A 13-meter-long tableau, encapsulating recent news from Iran, including casualties, eye injuries, and detentions, forms a poignant part of this tableau. Residents in Sweden have contributed heartfelt notes to accompany this tableau in remembrance of these individuals. Above all, the slogan 'Women, Life, Freedom' in Persian, Kurdish, and Swedish takes prominence in the notes left by people next to this tableau. The red marker ink serves as a poignant reminder of those who have shed their blood in the pursuit of freedom at the hands of government forces. ‏This poignant piece has been exhibited in more than 10 cities worldwide, serving as a poignant reminder to Iranians of the numerous challenges endured over the past year. Additionally, it endeavors to raise awareness among non-Iranian communities about the ongoing human rights violations in Iran. Aref Qazvini • Iranian poet and lyricist Vocal: Soudeh Sharhi